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Thank you for stopping by. My name is Zhanna (hard to spell, I know, just think of the word plea-su-re or lei-su-re for zh). I am Fragrant Ritual’s founder and creator.

I live in beautiful South Australia with my small family: my partner and my daughter.

I grew up in Eastern Europe where using herbs, Chinese medicine, and homemade potions is more of a norm than an alternative. I’ve always been curious about ingredients in skincare and fragrances. I remember spending ages in supermarket aisles reading shampoo and hand cream ingredient lists. To be completely honest, one of the main motivators for me to learn English as a teenager was to understand skincare labels. This along with the fact that I developed strong skin and fragrance sensitivity quite early has brought me on a journey of learning and then making my own skin products and remedies.  

Then in recent years, I was very fortunate to study natural perfumery, aromatherapy and herbalism from one of the advanced European schools which has made me a confident formulator of organic skincare and apothecary remedies. 


Fragrant Rituals have been created out of a strong desire to share amazing benefits natural products bring to your health, beauty, and wellbeing. Every Fragrant Rituals’ offering works not only on psychical or skin level but also on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. I cannot wait for you to try my fragrant collection! 

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Treat yourself to an aromatherapy session in Adelaide called Aroma Dress.
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What I Do

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if you live or visit South Australia, you can book an aromatic consultation with me.
Here is how I can help you:
After the consult, I can create an aromatic, energetically transforming personal blend;
 I can diagnose your current emotional and physical state and suggest some holistic strategies to improve your wellbeing;
 I can create a bespoke perfume or home fragrance;
 If you have your own business, I can work with you to create a signature fragrance for your brand!
Ready to book? Just press the button below.
Love my oil blend and skin roller.. nothing was too much trouble. Thank you very much.

Janine, Henley Beach, SA

Beautiful natural perfume, Prosperity is my favourite. Packaging is high quality and included a free tea sample. High quality natural products. Will be back for more!

Alison, Adelaide