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Natural Perfume and Wellness

Making your life better and brighter with natural perfume, organic herbal teas, skincare and apothecary

eye bag/dark circles serum
eye bag/dark circles serum

our offerings

Enhance your everyday life with natural perfume, organic herbal teas, skincare and apothecary-style offerings.

Handcrafted in South Australia with love and intention to bring balance into your life.

Superior botanical ingredients. Sustainable. Small batch.

Prosperity Natural Perfme Oil

Natural Perfume

Perfume made from flowers, herbs, wood and spices. No synthetic ingredients. Unique and transformational. 

Grow Eyelashes Naturally

Active Skincare

Natural skincare with active ingredients. Combining ancestors’ wisdom, the power of pure botanicals and modern research. Your skin will enjoy the treat!

anxiety tea

Herbal Teas and Infusions

Organic and pure. No artifical flavours or colours.  They smell as good as they taste.

Made in Australia Wellness Gift Boxes

Personalised gift boxes

Looking for a self care box or a care package or perhaps a unique birthday gift?

Sandalwood and Lavender Sleep Mist


What is preventing you from finding balance and making your life brighter? Is it a headache, insomnia, anxiety, or PMS? Make powerful plant extracts expertly crafted by a qualified aromatherapist help you.

natural perfume blending workshop

always wanted to make your own perfume?

Our workshops

Immerse yourself in wellness and unlock your creativity with Fragrant Rituals workshops. Choose from Natural Perfume 101, DYI Pampering Gifts or Botanical Incense classes.

Book a public date or request a private session. Mobile service is available.



Our most popular wellness offerings from natural perfume, herbal teas and skincare collections.

Handcrafted locally in South Australia using superior quality botanicals and active ingredients to enhance health and wellbeing.

We are local! Free local pick-up is available to all South Australians.